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Lightrise is a take on Lumines-style falling-block puzzle gameplay that uses the full set of natural tetrominoes and a smaller field of play. The game opts for timer-based block-clearing, where the timer is reset on creating a new square.

The only thing here is a core gameplay loop and a couple of sound effects. There is a fail state and a basic scoring system, but no win condition or score-saving mechanism. The sound effects were implemented poorly, so they layer on top of themselves and get really loud when combos get large. My apologies.

As this is a prototype, there are a couple of bugs that occur at weird edge cases. This is a result of some quirks in the simulation caused by my inexperience. Regrettably, the cause of the problem is the same reason that the problem has yet to be resolved.

In order to score points, arrange the blocks into 2x2 squares of one color. They'll highlight themselves and clear when the light bars reach the top of the screen. Blocks above the cleared blocks will move downward to fill in the gap. You can reset the timer and increase the combo multiplier by creating a new 2x2 colored square before the light reaches the top of the screen.


Left - move left

Right - move right

Up - fast-drop

Down - move down

Spacebar - rotate piece

Install instructions

Unzip the folder with a program like WinRAR or 7Zip and extract the two files. After extraction, double-click on the lightrise.exe executable file to make the game start running.


lightrise v0.01.zip 1 MB

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